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Make It & Break It

Many of us have heard the term make it or break it, and many of us have thought to ourselves “That makes sense, you either do something, or you quit, and you break down”. However I don’t believe that is the true meaning behind that quote. See the real meaning behind that quote is, in my opinion, that you can make it, and then choose to stagnate, or you can break it, keep moving forwards and upwards, and continue to make yourself a better person, each and every single day of your life.

An exceptional amount of exceptional people out there are doing an exceptional job of not being exceptional.

Think about that for a moment.

Each and every person (including you) is exceptional in their own right. Maybe you are not the next NBA or NFL player, or the next NASA Scientist. Maybe you are not the next lotto winner, or the next TV/Movie Star… today.

See, out of all those things, only one is really up to chance. The rest, are yours for the taking, as long as you form the right habits, and spend the right amount of time doing the right amount of hard work. Unless something is legitimately left to chance, you can do it.


When you do finally make your dream come true, that is NOT the end of the line. Now you have a chance. A chance to break the boundaries, go outside the box, and break it. Break the rules, and take your dream to the next level. Some of us are living comfortable lives, some of us are overcoming a financial difficulty that life has thrown our way. Challenge yourself. If you are comfortable, then you need to study some more, get out of your comfort zone, break the edge do something great. If you are overcoming a burden in life, then you are headed in the right direction, keep climbing. Life is making you stronger, use your strength to help others, and use it to break the walls and overcome your self.

Need some help breaking those bad habits and setting some good ones? Here is an app that I find to be really helpful:


My Habitica Username: PlatinumWolf

Feel free to add me up, and together we will be accountable for our habits!

Just Breathe

Good morning you lovely Savages! How is your day starting off? If you mentally just said anything negative, or remotely negative, then you need to do 25 jumping jacks, while smiling.

Back? Good. Now why did I have you do that? Two reasons: First, you are a Savage. Savages wake up with a positive attitude, and they kill their day, no negativity here folks. Second, getting your blood pumping, and making you smile at the same time is a psychological way to immediatly improve your mood. Better mood = more productivity, and more productivity means you accomplishing the things you want and need to get done.

Now that you are in a better mood, I need you to focus. It’s time for you to wake up.

30 Push-Ups, 30 Sit-Ups, 30 Squats, 30 Jumping Jacks, 30 Second Squat Hold (Longer if you can manage)

Finished? Excellent. Now sit down, cross your legs if you can, close your eyes, and breathe. Tongue to the roof of your mouth, and try to control it as best as you can, as you want to breathe deeply, in and out, slowly, through the nose.

This morning routine is not meant to bulk you up. It’s not meant to wear you out before you go to work. It is meant to wake you up, get your heart moving, and keep your mood in the positive. Try for a week, and let us and everyone else know how this has worked for you!

Want to take your breathing to the next level? Of course you do! Savages who wear this, may find their breathing on a whole new level. I personally wear mine at 9,000 feet.

Never Stop Climbing

Sometimes you look at where you are at, and you get discouraged. You look at your fitness level, or your finances, or your home, or even something as simple as your TV and you think to yourself, “This isn’t good enough” or “This is not where I want to be”.

Here at SavageAF we want to change that mindset. Instead of saying “This is not where I want to be” we want to help you say “This is where I am going”, “This is something I can do”. Change starts from within.

Your age, height, weight, financial status, occupation, religious and political views do not impact your ability to change yourself. Only your mind.

So today I challenge you. Instead of saying “I want to get in shape because I am fat” Or “because I am getting older” I want you to say “I want to get in shape because I love my body, and I want to polish it to be the best that it can be!” Reinforce your goals and ambitions with positivity. Reinforce your life by surrounding yourself with other Savages, people dedicated to improving their lives, every day.

When you fall off the ladder, get up, and never stop climbing. Not because you are out of shape and need the training, but because you are a Savage, dedicated to making your life, and those around you, better.

Want to take this advice to the next level? FInd yourself a Jacobs Ladder and be the Savage you know you to be!